We are celebrating a new arrival. On Wednesday night, one of Bryony’s mares – Queen’s Bay, gave birth to a healthy little boy. Born a few days earlier than expected, he was walking within minutes and exploring his mother whilst she gave him a good wash. Nikki was up through the night, tired and playing midwife, one of the jobs that over the years you get used to, nevertheless every time this perfect little creature pops out it’s is exciting as the first.   It’s Cheltenham Festival next week if it’s not cancelled due to the Coronavirus. There are huge expectations of Bryony to repeat last year’s success. The media all wants a bit of her but there is only a certain amount to go round so we have to pick and choose. The BBC have produced a super short film where they show her over the years, including when as a child you see a photo of her ‘stuck’ in a bucket. She used to think it was a great game. I however used it as a form of restraint – the bucket prison we called it. You can watch it air on BBC Points West on March 11th. Lots of people ask about Bryony’s preparation for events like this. Actually, she doesn’t change her routine. She will continue to work in the morning – every morning, and drive up to the event. Same bedtime each night. Last year we did go overboard with celebrating when she won the Ryan Air Chase at Cheltenham. We stopped off at a service station after the race and all had chips and a burger. How the other half lives I hear you say. On Monday my son Hadden had friends over from the States. Hadden competes in timber racing (American steeplechase) and show jumping over there. Hadden has been twice 2nd and once 3rd in The Maryland Hunt Cup. It is considered one of the most difficult steeplechases in the world. He and his two friends took three of our horses out over the moors and we all went out for dinner in the evening. Hadden flies back to the States after Cheltenham. We’ll miss him. The family have been following Spring Watch on the TV. From our kitchen window we have been watching the sparrows and dunnets and a wide variety of songbirds eat from our various feeders. We also have four woodpeckers that regularly visit us. We started paying more attention to the wildlife in the garden a few years ago. Now we know their cycle and look forward to when we start to see the young arrive. This morning we finished giving the lawn its final dressing. It’s important to have it looking tip top when we hold our Racing Club Party. Each year at the end of July, members of the Club are invited to the grounds for an Open Day. They enjoy lunch in a marquee and can spend time with the horses and ourselves. Nikki and Bryony are great hostesses, and as for me, well I talk to everyone. The event has grown over the years and so many people say they look forward to it. The week ahead is going to be very busy. We will all go up to Cheltenham to support Bryony. The race everyone will be focused on is her riding Frodon. Not long after that it will be Aintree. Hopefully by then this awful weather will have improved. I will give you an update on the foal next week. Currently we are all thinking up names. Until then. Jimmy Don’t miss Jimmy Frost’s column – A Touch of Frost every Sunday in the Independent. Article available here each Tuesday following Sunday’s publication.