Hello everybody!

Well, it’s all been a bit quite. Phillipa and I have been at a bit of a loss, not our normal busy time pointing every weekend. She’s been hunting and I now find myself head travelling lass for Hadden. Not complaining though, maybe I’m becoming a fair weather trainer!!! It is wonderful to be with two of the old pointers i.e. Needle and Bear in their new careers.

Although we haven’t been pointing, we have been very busy; the weather has been challenging and is now getting very tedious, but on the plus side the horses look amazing and are all working really well.

The youngsters, for the Mark’s and the Meaden’s are coming along nicely.

Tomaisin A Ri, owned by Marks&Sparks, is a super little horse and I’m so excited to see him on the course. I think he has a bright future, I really want to give him a good foundation to start his career as I believe he will have a very successful one.

Ask Launa Esme is training really well and looks a picture. She was due to run at the last Wadebridge, but her owners decided not to run, which I completely agreed with as it was a bog! It was very taxing going and I think there is plenty more of the point to point season left to run her when the going gets better. She is a super mare; Phil says she’s going to be leading mare this season. We will be giving it a good go, she is tough and loves her work.

Golan Dancer: Jim has given him to me to train, and so we will see what he makes of pointing. He is in fine fettle and very pleased to be in work. He’s 10 yrs now, but very sound and enjoys racing, he will be a great ride.

Jaboltiski ran at Wadebridge; he wasn’t that keen on bog trotting!!! Don’t blame him, I am looking forward to better going for him. I agree with Ben and Georgie, he will enjoy some spring sunshine and grass, he is a lovely horse and the best is to come from him. We will enjoy our day in the sun!!!

Hope to see you all soon!

Best wishes,