What’s best… Rain or Snow?

Both are equally hard in my opinion and very boring !
We have been rained on nearly everyday all winter, I’m sure we are developing amphibian characteristics! And all the waiting for better than “bog” going. Spring officially began and so did the snow!

It has been a long time since we’ve been snowed in. On Wednesday, half way through the morning it began to snow really hard and it wasn’t looking very good. Several of the girls had to leave having had phone calls from home saying “Hurry up or you will be snowed out!” as always timing is everything. The diggers were making a trench across the drive to get electricity to the new indoor school! Luckily, they both drive small cars and just about managed to squeeze out on the last piece of drive that was left!!!

Those that were left started to get organised and prepared for the cold snap. We had made sure the barn was full with hay and straw, food that was ordered had been delivered and all that was left to prepare was the water. As you know all our stables are automatic drinkers, when they freeze it becomes an all consuming job to keep up with the demands of the horses. And, I’m sure they enjoy the novelty of having water buckets or maybe they like watching the “water slave” running around with buckets, sloshing freezing water over herself cussing and slipping around on the ice she made last time by spilling it all! Anyway, we managed, the only good thing was we couldn’t muck out which made it easier at the time but come Monday morning we will pay… big time!

The snow is melting fast and we have dug out the drifts that were blocking the doors, all wheelbarrows have been serviced so everybody can have one!!!
Jim rode out a couple of his today and they were pleased to be out, except Quinto, who took great exception to the snow monsters at the side of the road!

Hadden’s new school has been put in just in time and he was able to ride his horses in there.
Sunday was my first day out to get supplies!!! (The wine rack was empty) There wasn’t any milk but they did have wine! Really hoping to get back into the routine and go racing.

Thank you, everybody who braved the weather to come to the Eastern Eye, and also thanks to those who were stuck, but there in spirit, we did great things and all your generous donations will help our chosen charities. B’ and Harry Cobden were lovely and B’ has told me how much she enjoyed meeting lots of people she only normally meets briefly before and after in the paddock.

I will up-date you on entries for next weekend nearer the time.
See you soon,