Hello, everybody!

Well we’re off down the road to Buckfastliegh, should be simple, but given the week we’ve had not so… Hadden, and I were going to Kings Sedgemoor, near Taunton last Friday, to a show jumping competition and we had a little incident with the ramp falling down as we went along a B road. Needless to say we didn’t make it to the show. Hadden’s owner was brilliant and thank goodness both horses on the lorry at the time, Chanella and Bella were fine, in fact they were amazing. And so my usual message of come and find the white lorry, do not follow this week as she is off the road !!! You will have to come to the lorry park and look out for us. My Mum has made a picnic, and no doubt it will be amazing, all welcome and it will be great to see you. Please don’t feel you are getting in the way, we love to see you and it is a great part of pointing that you can come and see the horses before and after their races.

Jaboltiski is entered in the Confined, at 12.00, first race. He ran early on in the season, he had a little break and is ready to run again. Ben Robarts, his owner/rider is looking forward to a good season with him. He has been schooling really well and is already changing his coat, and looks a picture. I hope he will give Ben many great days to enjoy.

We run “Damian,” Gorcombe’s Rascal, in the 4th race, 2m 4f Maiden. He came out of his last run very well and seems very mature now. I’m glad we took our time with him last season; he eats, sleeps and works well all in his stride, he was a pleasure to be with at Milborne, and can only progress.

The problem I have, as always, is that I have more than one Maiden. Wookey Hole is in the same race, he is a lovely horse and I really have taken to him. He is very laid back, he does his work and then he sleeps, eats, sleeps some more, has a cuddle, that’s it for him !!!
Unfortunately, I think they will have to take each other on… It will come down to which horse is most suited by the heavy going conditions and at this point I don’t know which will cope best. We will see, I will be quite strong with both jockeys, if in doubt, pull them up. Both these horses have bright futures and as much as I would love a winner at the local track, their progression is the most important thing.

Ask Launa Esme is entered in the Mare’s Maiden. She is a lovely mare and working really well. Phillipa rides her most days and says she is really well. Her owners have been very patient waiting for better going that never seems to come. I have walked the course once, but given the weather reports will walk again Saturday afternoon to decide. I love her, she is one of those horses, on the work list, never a bother, no drama, she does her work, she eats, sleeps, tries her best with all that is asked of her and causes me little concern. I am very mindful, these types of horses can be easily overworked. She needs a run and to start her career, but she doesn’t need to run in testing conditions.

And so as I said, not sure which mode of transport we will be in… But come and find us in the lorry park and we can discuss picnic venues…
Cross your fingers for B’ on Saturday and good luck to the show jumping team at Bicton!
I will see you all at Buckfastliegh.
Good luck, have fun!